Stamp Duty Valuations are a formal assessment of a properties value by a Certified Practising Valuer for the benefit of establishing the appropriate stamp duty for dutiable transactions.

These transactions are typically…

  • Family transfers or transfer by probate
  • Company ownership to personal ownership
  • Personal to company ownership

Capital Gains Tax Valuations form the basis for an individual’s or companies tax obligations with respect to real property ownership. These valuations provide a cost base assessment at a point in time and are critical to providing a guide to value when determining appropriate capital gains tax when disposing of an asset.

These valuations are as a result typically of the following events:

  • Sale of an income producing asset – standard residential properties – critical date when the property first became an income producing property
  • Sale of income producing asset – Non Resident property ownership – critical date 8th May 2012
  • Sale of land which has development potential – Valuation of the curtilage land