Tenants: Top 5 Tips to maximise your rental application success

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The current rental market in Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Moreton Bay areas is very tight.  There aren’t a lot of properties available and the competition is fierce!  It can be overwhelming so here is a few ideas to help maximise your rental application success and get you into your dream rental asap.


  1. Do your research

Make sure you have a good understanding of the area you wish to live in & make sure the properties you are applying for match your needs.  Is it in your child’s school zone?  Does it match my budget?  Is the property pet friendly?   Make sure you have done your research BEFORE you pick up the phone and book that inspection.


  1. Inspect The Property

It might sound simple but make sure you inspect the property before you apply for it. Have your application form and copies of documents ready to go.   Your potential Property Manager will no doubt be time poor, so keep it simple and ensure every detail of your application is completed and correct.


  1. Its Show Time

Not only are you inspecting the property to ensure it is suitable for your needs, your potential Property Manager needs to be certain you will be suitable for the property.    Treat the inspection like you would a job interview – be well groomed (that includes a tidy car), courteous, on time and please DON’T PARK IN THE DRIVEWAY.


  1. Don’t Hassle

A standard timeframe for completing an application form can take 24-48 hours.  During this time the Property Manager will be contacting your references, assessing your suitability for the property and discussing the options with the owner.  Of course, make a courtesy call to ensure they have all the relevant documentation required.  But harassing the Property Manager 1 hour after you have dropped off your application, probably won’t make a good impression.


  1. Be Reasonable

So you have inspected the property, completed the application and now you have been approved.  CONGRATULATIONS, make sure you can abide by the original move in date (or as close to it as possible) and promptly pay your deposit.  Anything you can do to ensure a smooth process from here, will only benefit you in the long run.


Now, get packing….