First Home Buyers: The 8 Essential Questions

By October 14, 2017 No Comments

When purchasing a home for the first time, its a daunting prospect.  There is so much information about when to buy, what to buy and where to buy.  We have cut through the noise and provided First Home Buyers with 8 essential questions to consider when purchasing.

  1. Are my motivations to purchase genuine? Am I purchasing because I have been told now is the time to buy.
  2. Should I purchase a new property or established? I have been told I must purchase a new property now to make sure I receive my first home owners grant.
  3. If purchasing established property should I purchase a renovated home or one that I can renovate myself? I have watched The Block and it doesn’t look that hard.
  4. Should I purchase a unit or a house? I can’t afford a house in my desired location so I thought I would buy a unit to get into the market.
  5. What are the other costs I need to consider when purchasing?
  6. My parents have offered to go guarantor? Is it true when the value of the property rises they will no longer need to be guarantor.
  7. Should I purchase with a short term view of renting out this property and then buying my dream property? The property market always seems to be rising. It is therefore only a matter of time before I have enough equity to buy my next property.
  8. If building a new home should I include a high standard of finish so the property is more marketable?

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