A Buyers Advocate or Buyers agent are professional property advisors that provide assistance in the purchase of residential property to suit your individual needs and objectives.

Buyers agents arise from a variety of backgrounds but with Cobb Property Group you can be rest assured our property advice has evolved through 20 years of hands on property inspections and research. As a specialist residential valuer, Nathan Cobb has inspected more than 35,000 properties from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. The knowledge gathered during this time is invaluable and provides a strong basis for the assistance to others in purchasing their investment or owner occupied property.

The knowledge gathered during this time is invaluable and provides a strong basis for the assistance to others in purchasing their investment or owner occupied property.

As Buyers Agents we offer the following services to our clients:

  1. We are in the field every day and can identify the positives or pitfalls of a particular market segment where the statistics may suggest otherwise. We don’t seek out the latest hotspots as determined by research analysts. Our field experience and historical knowledge of a particular area provide the cornerstone of our advice to our clients.
  2. We can be as specific or broad with our research as our clients dictate. You will be dealing with only one person, Nathan Cobb. Our one on one consultancy establishes the rapport required between client and adviser. This relationship provides the required comfort for our clients when you consider the capital outlay typically required when purchasing residential property.
  3. Our field experience allows us to compare more broadly (geographically) to provide the best guide to value for unique properties. This will assist a buyer from not paying too much for these properties or seeking out more realistically priced alternatives in the area.
  4. We can either take care of the whole buying process including bidding at Auction or alternatively we can provide a brief for your consideration and act solely as a consultant for your purchase.
  5. We offer a ‘Build to Market’ service which provides guidance for those building their first home or fifth home. This service analyses the optimal choice for our clients in build design/size to suit the market segment/location in which they are interested. This service is mostly directed towards project built homes and provides comfort to buyers that their choice of design and specification for their dream home is functional and is not an overcapitalisation for the area. It is crucial to build to your market as the home you are proposing to build typically will not be your ‘ever after’ home.

Our Fees

Buyer Advice – Full Service

We will consult with our client to determine their specific requirements. We will then source and make recommendations for purchase on your behalf.

We offer an $880 initial consultancy fee (non-refundable) followed by a flat 1% success fee (1% of the total purchase price) on completion of your purchase. We can offer competitive rates for our services as we already have a detailed understanding of the key drivers of the local property market.

Buyer Advice – Service by Design

We can provide as much information as a client requests and make recommendations without negotiating the purchase.

We offer an $495 initial consultancy fee (non refundable). The balance payment for this service is by quote only, which is determined by the brief provided by the client at the initial consultation and work involved in providing the information required for our clients purchase.